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We believe that the most ambitious airport operators deserve Chroma, the world’s most progressive airport operating system, which manages over 3m aircraft movements and tracks more than 700m passengers annually.

From passenger tracking to resource and queue management, AODB to Aeronautical billing and airside flight movements, Chroma is the only suite of airport operational systems to take a kerb-to-cloud view of the operation by consolidating airside, terminal and en-route information, and decision-making.

Explore the individual Chroma components below:


Chroma ACDB

ChromaACDB, or Airport Collaboration Database, is central to stakeholder engagement across the product suite. Unique to Lockheed Martin and Chroma, the ACDB puts the passenger process at the heart of an airport's operation. Enabling truly collaborative decision-making within terminal operations, ChromaACDB uses a network of sensors designed for each specific airport to deliver real-time data from across the passenger process.

ChromaACDB relies on a core set of sensor technologies, including:

  • Augmented WiFi & Bluetooth passenger tracking from BlipTrack
  • Thermal imaging from Irisys
  • Laser technology from Qmetrix
  • Video analytics from Blue Eye Video
  • Emerging technologies to help support location-based services

Number one amongst these technologies is BlipTrack, the world's first augmented WiFi & Bluetooth tracking and queue measurement technology.

By consolidating multiple data streams, ChromaACDB provides a single source of truth for key operational metrics which are presented to decision-makers and stakeholders in the form of concise operational dashboards available across multiple delivery channels - from AOCC to mobile.

ChromaACDB has already been adopted by some of the world’s most forward-thinking airports, including Dubai, Oslo & Toronto Pearson.


Chroma AODB

ChromaAODB, in conjunction with ChromaACDB, is the central source for the collation, storage and distribution of key airside and terminal information across an airport. Recognising the importance of stakeholder engagement within the aviation community, ChromaAODB is a community system designed to be accessible to all delivery partners, including airlines, ground handlers, border agencies, law enforcement and retailers. 

As Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) becomes more prevalent throughout the industry, airports must be able to integrate and manage all key data, providing a single source of truth. ChromaAODB, via an extensive rules engine, is able to automate collation of upwards of 95% of the key operational data pertinent to flight operations. As data is continuously fed into the system to reflect the latest delayed, diverted, rescheduled or cancelled flights for example, ChromaAODB displays this in real time to a user for proactive decision-making. 

ChromaAODB, and indeed the entire Chroma Airport Suite, provides a flexible framework to support single or multi-airport operations. Avinor has recently chosen Chroma as the platform from which to run its entire network of 46 airports from a single instance - a testament to its quality and flexibility. 


Chroma FIDS

The Flight Information Display Screen estate at an airport is a key method of information-sharing between an airport, its passengers and stakeholders. ChromaFIDS is a fully integrated system, linked to ChromaAODB and ACDB, reflecting the very latest flight information, meaning passengers and service partners are given the correct information at the right time. 

ChromaFIDS is also multi-modal. This means it incorporates multiple modes of transport such as rail, road and bus, into the same system. A passenger provided with the relevant information as they progress through the airport is more likely to spend as they arrive airside, given they arrive more relaxed. This can also be attributed to the use of highly targeted advertising and the transition of information from public display screen to personal mobile device. 


Chroma RMS

Whether it's physical or human resources, ChromaRMS is an automated tool for the planning, management and administration of all resources - be it security staff, check-in desks, contact gates or snow ploughs. ChromaRMS, via its integration to ChromaAODB, ACDB & Predict, provides a plan that is optimised to take into account dynamic changes in passenger numbers, policies, procedures and tightening airport security requirements.

ChromaRMS is able to automatically define and allocate aircraft to park and defined stand positions around the airport apron area, whilst also allocating key elements of the check-in, embarkation and disembarkation process. It also ensures human resources are in place to satisfy demand and support key tasks; meet SLAs, Trade Union and Working Time agreements; and ensure the fair distribution of overtime and annual leave amongst teams.


Chroma Billing

ChromaBilling, which caters for both Aeronautical and Non-Aeronautical income streams, is a fully rule-based system proven to simplify and shorten billing agreements which are subject to increasingly complex commercial agreements and governance.

Integrated into ChromaAODB and other third-party AODB systems, ChromaBilling significantly reduces the requirement for manual data entry and, as a result, minimises the administrative resources required to operate the billing function. 

Through its integration, automated workflows and fit with multiple billing models, ChromaBilling improves cashflow, reduces billing timescales, and automates the rebate, incentive and debt recovery process. 


Chroma CDM

ChromaCDM builds upon the CDM compliance inherent within ChromaAODB, covering the only outstanding "Highly Recommended" milestone not currently available within the core AODB - TSAT. As TSAT is a dynamic milestone with major data generation requirements, Lockheed Martin has partnered with NATS to integrate the TSAT generator developed for use at London Heathrow into the Chroma Airport Suite.

The Logic Suite, also from Lockheed Martin, is integrated into Chroma, enhancing NextGen and A-CDM initiatives by providing greater situational awareness across the airfield.

The objective of Eurocontrol's Airport CDM project is to "improve the efficiency of operations at an airport, with a particular focus on the aircraft turn-round procedures." Many airports have been selecting point solutions from vendors specifically specialising in CDM compliance and with no track record in enhance end-to-end airport operations. These solutions are more often than not separate from the AODB which is central to the running of airside operations in any airport.

Whilst the CDM project enhances the efficiency of airside operations, it does not extend far enough into the terminal operation where the passenger process has a large effect on the efficiency of operations. Lockheed Martin’s ChromaACDB product takes the concept of CDM and applies this to the terminal operations. 


Chroma BI

ChromaBI is the integrated Business Intelligence component within the Chroma Airport Suite that delivers historical, operational and forward-looking business reporting to stakeholders as and when they need it. Utilising Oracle BI, Lockheed Martin has developed over 200 pre-configured reports tailored to the specific requirements of an airport's operation. 

ChromaBI generates business data that is easily accessible across the wider airport community through a range of dashboards, automated emails, PDFs and mobile device access. ChromaBI delivers a recognised improvement in the quality, consistency and delivery of business information to the business; be it related to aviation, retail performance, car park revenue or CAA market share. 


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